Learnconnect is a leader in connecting tertiary students across the world. As a mission-driven company with an aim to improve student learning experiences and more rounded graduates, we empower tertiary students to connect with their peers and advance academically through collaborative student-to-student learning.


To create the most advanced global collaborative student learning platform that reduces barriers, inspires connectivity, encourages sharing of ideas, and develops critical thinking skills. 


Our values unite the Learnconnect team around our common cause of supporting tertiary education and student learning outcomes. 

Advancing learning

To enhance student learning, we have to be devoted to providing solutions to the pressing challenges of a dynamic learning environment. Our team at Learnconnect identify the major issues and work to resolve them. 

Inspiring connections

We are an open and welcoming platform for all university and college students. Every day is a chance to help them advance academically by providing more value through our platform.


We believe in enjoying the process of creating value for our users, of building a supportive environment. When our team is happy, our students benefit even more from high-quality services and offers. 


To become the most advanced student networking platform, we have to remain ahead technologically and by what we offer. Our team constantly delivers new and exciting features to enhance our users’ experience. 


As a brand that caters to diverse students, we ourselves are a diverse team that appreciates the input of all members. We value collaboration and collective expertise towards our shared vision of a truly global student learning platform.


Enhancing student learning is at the heart of what we do. We subscribe to the belief that learning should be more active, social, contextual, engaging, and student-owned.

Students use Learnconnect to collaborate and develop valuable problem-solving skills using a safe space to formulate and discuss ideas, receive immediate feedback, and respond to questions and comments.

Our platform is, therefore, designed to help them not only enjoy interacting within a community of their peers, but to also stay actively involved in the learning process. Using a technologically focused and iterative process, we are advancing teaching and learning experiences leading to qualified and rounded graduates.