The Ultimate Tertiary Student to Student Networking Platform

Learnconnect is a freely accessible student community connecting university and college students globally. Our users exchange ideas, answer questions, and learn from each other in a fun and interactive environment.


Social networking just went academic.

It’s time to use your online connections to foster an academic network that supports you throughout your college and university life.

Here at Learnconnect, we help tertiary students make long-term connections with their peers. It’s a support system of fellow students and a collaborative platform to engage with them. You can quickly connect with other students pursuing the same major, globally.

Then, we enhance those connections by offering a range of educational resources you can easily access to assist you in completing your academic program. You can download templates, review tests, watch short video lectures, and take interactive quizzes and assessments from the resource library.


So, what’s happening in your academic world right now that you’d like an informed opinion? What resources do you need to complete that paper or study for that test? Sign up today and start learning.


The Learnconnect Advantage

Learnconnect reduces the distance between tertiary students globally. We’ve taken the best practices for online learning and blended learning and combined them in the ultimate student academic platform. So, all levels of tertiary students can create partnerships and learning opportunities that can’t be found in a classroom only.

Students working together represent the most effective form of interaction. Student to student teaching and learning experiences offer a deeper level of development for students. They develop valuable problem-solving skills when they use our platform. Students learn to formulate their ideas, discuss them, and receive immediate feedback. They can also respond to questions and comments.

With Learnconnect, students have a global support group to tackle new and unfamiliar situations faced daily. The Learnconnect Collaborative Learning or Student to Student Learning (CL/STSL) platform also helps them to reduce classroom anxiety.  


Now more than ever, we need our virtual networks for support. So, whether it’s in-person programs or distance learning degrees, that online connection from a peer offers invaluable support to help you through your tertiary journey.


Helping you expand your network

Connections are essential for a successful future once you graduate. So, cultivate that network while you’re still in college and expand your global reach. The opportunities are endless when you have the world at your fingertips and differing perspectives and cultures to learn from.

So, want to connect with a peer nearby or student in the same major? Search for students in your vicinity. Ready to expand your reach worldwide? Make connections to students in similar courses overseas.


Give of your talents

We should all be able to support each other, no matter the continent. And with Learnconnect you have the ultimate platform to help others even as they support you.

That’s why it’s a give and take relationship. We make it easy for you to collaborate with your peers across the globe and make an impact yourself. You can showcase your talents and skills in your field while helping others meet their academic goals.


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